Saturday, 10 January 2015


I popped to Lush yesterday, after seeing on twitter/facebook that there valentines day collection, full of beautiful treats and delights is now finally available I was so excited! they all smell so good, I find that with lush you get the urge to want to eat their products because they smell edible. I've such a massive obsession with lush I think you all know how much I love it. So anyway, the ever so lovely Daisy showed me all the new products and explained each of them, what was in them ect we even discussed what all the smells remind us of or smell like, she is really lovely. I pretty much love all the stuff lush have brought out this year for valentines day! but I have picked a few of my favourites, which will be featured in upcoming blog posts! (lush also gave me some products to sample which was very very kind of them) so stick around, not only did I just get to look at all the beautiful products, daisy and the team demonstrated some of the new products (most of the staff hadn't even seen them in the water before until yesterday) which as you can see from the photos below! I would like to thank daisy and the lovely team at Lush for a fantastic time and service as always! I really hope you all enjoy this blog post and I will be going back to lush again very soon I'm sure.

This years collection features all these products:

The Unicorn Horn - £3.25

Price Charming Shower Gel - £4.75
Cupids Love Soap - £4.25 (price may vary depending on weight of product, but online you would pay £4.25)
Heart Throb Bubble Bar - £3.65
Lonely Heart Bubble Bar - £3.50
The Kiss Lip Gloss - £5.59
The Kiss Lip Scrub - £5.50
Floating Flower - £3.50
and Love Locket - £6.95 (this bath bomb is massive you really do get your moneys worth with this one, daisy said you could break pieces off and get a couple of baths out of this)

They also had some new special gift sets which I don't think are online just yet, so a massive sneak peek for all you lovely people! hahaha

As I said I love all of the products, but my favourites are The Unicorn Horn, it smells really sweet, but in a nice way and you could probably get about two baths out of this, however if you wanted a bit more of a luxury bath you could use the whole thing hahaha.

Now this I love probably as much as the Baked Alaska if not more hahaha it's the Cupids Love Soap* I really love this it smells like figs/ raspberry lemonade, it's really really fresh and feels really nice and moisturising to the skin. I especially love the fact that as you cut it open it has love hearts running through it, which makes it even more beautiful! 

Heart Throb when I first smelt this It instantly reminded me of the Pumpkin bubble bar they had a halloween, to me it personally smells exactly the same, I love how everything has either a pink or a red/white theme running through this years collection! hahaha

I'm sure you are all probably bored of me typing away now and just want to see all their amazing products, so here they are enjoy:


Photo Heavy.

SNEAK PEEK AT SOME OF THE GIFT BOXES (there are 7 new gift boxes)

(I love how lush have made the packaging look like the unicorn horn)

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek at some of the products :) 
What is your favourite Lush Valentine product?

also a massive thank you Daisy and the team



  1. I can't wait to treat myself to a few things from their Valentines range! Heart Throb and Lonely Heart both look lovely x

    Antonia | Fifi and the Diamonds

    1. Heart Throb and Lonely Heart are one of my faves! hahaha they smell soooo good! I brought Heart Throb yesterday, new blog post coming soon about! hahaha


  2. These look amazing, I cant wait to try these all out! Unicorn Horn and Heart Throb look like my favourites- so cute!

    Emma xo // Wallflower Wardrobe

    1. unicorn horn and heart throb are the ones I bought yesterday, unicorn horn, turns your bath water into a gorgeous lilac/purple colour and it smells amazing! hahaha


  3. Great photography! all your images make these products so yummy! as if you can eat them especially the close up of unicorn horn!!


    1. aw thank you very much! hahaha I love taking all the picks for my blog I just feel it sort of brings everything together with a photo hahaha.


  4. I literally want it ALL! Lovely photos and great post!
    Kaci x

    1. awwww thank you so much! really glad you like it! more lush posts to come trust me hahahaha! :) thanks once again xxx



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