Saturday, 17 January 2015

LUSH | Heart Throb Review

This is another one of my favourites from the new lush valentines collection It firstly smells not only edible & incredible but it also does wonders to your skin, I personally think it smells a lot like the Pumpkin Bubble Bar they released at Halloween, one thing that I love is that you can twist the heart in half and pull it apart and you have enough for another bath, I love all the gold glitter it's filled with it reminds me of a macaroon but, in a really cute heart shape, what I thinks great about lush is when you use the bubble bars and they make amazing bubble you instantly don't want to wash it off like you do with other bubble bars from other shops, infact if you rub the bubbles on your skin you will get little sparkles from them. Lush are always full of surprises! You've just gotta love'em
all in all It's definitely worth a purchase if you like glittery red baths, I hope you're all not bored of all these Lush Hauls! hahaha I've got a load to get through! hahaha
You never know a giveaway might happen soon! ;)

What's your favourite new Lush product?


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