Friday, 30 January 2015

Good To Go

One thing I have been definitely missing out on for a while is a good old dry shampoo....So whilst I was out and about I bought a mini Batiste Dry Shampoo, I haven't bought one in ages and I wanted to give my hair a little lift and feel a little bit cleaner until I wash it tonight. I picked up my favourite one which is Blush Floral and Flirty! It smells so good, It gave my hair a really nice soft feel to it and took away the wind swept look hahaha! trust me I looked like I had been dragged through a hedge backwards. The only slight downside to this product is that if you don't spray it about 30cm away from your hair you will have white streaky highlights now I know it's snowing in most parts of the country but, nobody likes streaky white marks in their hair let's be honest. Anyway if you are looking for something to give your hair a quick refresh buy this product, trust me you won't regret it! Personally I love the little small bottles as they look so cute and are perfect size to fit into your handbag!

Have you used Batiste Dry Shampoo?


Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Topshop Wishlist

Who doesn't love a bit of Topshop?
Well this is my first ever wishlist and I've been really loving lots of topshop items at the I had to narrow it down to just 8, so here goes!

(photos all taken from

1.  Petite Boucle Patch Pocket Pelmet Skirt - Look how gorgeous this skirt is I really want to get this as I think this would look perfect with a black blouse or just really nice with a pastel pink floaty top. I'm really tempted to buy it! hahaha.

2. Petite Exclusive Lace Trim Tee - I love lace and I want to try and wear more green colour tops/dress (they do have some gorgeous tees and dresses atm) I think this would be perfect for the summer and would go nicely with a pair of black jeans or the Dog tooth leggings (number 8).

3. Petite Slim-Fit Curved Blazer - There is one thing in my life that I'm in desperate need of to go on my wardrobe and that happens to be a casual blazer! hahaha I just think everyone needs a blazer in their life and this one is perfect as you can dress it up and down. 

4 & 6. Petite Long Sleeve Skinny Rib Top - I'm so obsessed with these and I'm going to definitely get some of these I just think there perfect and I just want to buy some casual basic tops.

5. Petite Striped Button Wrap Skirt - well it's gorg so why ever not buy it, I'd team this with a basic black rib top or a nice shirt or something I just love it, love the pattern it personally think it has a seaside/sailor theme to it. hahaha I think it's so cute and would look perfect in the summer!

7. Clean Cut Ribbed Jumper- The colour is wow and is something that I would wear on a casual winter day or when it's cold, it looks really soft and cosy so I might just buy it hahaha like I said I'm really loving my ribbed tops and jumpers atm.

8. Petite Grid Dogtooth Leggings - I recently brought a pair from new look and they are very similar, honestly I'm always seen in black leggings and I wanted to have a little change so I brought them and I will hopefully be doing a new look haul soon so stick around for that. But I think every girl should have a pair of dogtooth leggings in her wardrobe and these would be perfect if you are looking for a pair.

What's on your Topshop Wishlist?



Sunday, 25 January 2015


I was very kindly nominated for this award by the ever so lovely Dominique from Her Fashion Blog! go check her gorgeous blog out!

Here are my answers and I have left the people I've tagged at the end! :)

1. What made you decided to start your blog?

I have a huge passion for all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle and I'd find myself of an evening reading up on the latest beauty must have item and just thought sod it I'm going to share what I love with the world &  just decided to join in and share with you all my favourite things, and created my own little blog full of all the things I liked.

2. What is your favourite beauty item?

Ooooohh difficult....well currently it has to be the Topshop Innocent Lipstick I just think it's gorgeous! all year round????? It's got to be my Nars Sheer Glow it's just the best foundation EVER!!!!!!!!

3. What was your biggest life lesson in 2014?

to take one day at a time...

4. From where do you draw your inspiration for blogging?

I'm not sure really.....I guess online, out and about, idk

5. What was the last book, magazine or blog post that you read? was the argos catalogue hahahaha

6. What is your favourite drink?

Hot Chocolate, or I do really like Elderflower drinks but I also do like a fruit tea (Mango and strawberry from Twinnings is my fave)

7. Was it difficult to share your blog with people you know? why or why not?

Truthfully I have only told a handful of people and that's been it, I'm cripplingly shy and I know you might think but you post stuff online but I just like to keep my little blog a secret.....

8.  What is your favourite thing to do on a rainy day?

Watch films or listen to music on repeat on youtube, just chill out this does sometimes include online shopping :)

9. What dream do you hope to accomplish someday?

To go to New York *starts day dreaming*

10. When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to have my own little cake shop and I guess be a cupcake decorator hahaha (real girlie I know)

11. Who are your favourite bloggers? 

There is too many to select a few I love all blogs equally haha I especially love Olivia's (What Olivia Did)

Thank you for tagging me I really enjoyed it!

I nominate:

What did you want to be when you grew up?



Thursday, 22 January 2015

Topshop Makeup | Gift Set

Blush in Illicit

Blush not blended

Blush Blended

Lipstick in shade Innocent 

If you're following me on twitter you will understand how excited I have been to share this with you all. I brought this about a week ago and have been waiting and waiting for it to arrive and it finally has. It's the Topshop Beauty Bright Pink gift set. It contains a limited edition blusher and a lovely subtle lipstick, there is not one thing I can fault with topshop lipsticks, they are faultless in my opinion. Sturdy packaging made of metal, easy to store in my makeup collection, perfect to simply pop in your handbag for that on-the-go lippy top up one thing that I especially love is that they have names! I hate going out to buy a lipstick and it just has a number, I can NEVER remember the number so a name makes it easier for me and also makes me want to buy it even more. Both the products have fantastic pigmentation, and great staying power,The lipstick leaves your lips having a matte look and goes perfect with any type of make-up look you are going for, it's in the shade Innocent. I brought this gift set from and got 10% off it, It should have been £12.00 but I got it for £10.80 including P&P which is an absolute bargain as if you brought these products separately it would cost you about £17.00, the blush is not a powder but a cream and the best way to make the most of this blush is to, swipe your finger and but it on your face and then using a blending brush to blend it in, bit of a faff but leaves a really pretty pink sheen to the cheeks it's got a slight shimmery glow to it but I personally love it. I think this is subtle for all year round including the lipstick as they are both very neutral shades and are gorgeous! I'm thoroughly impressed with both these products and they will go nicely in my topshop makeup collection.

Have you tried anything from the Topshop Beauty Range? 


Saturday, 17 January 2015

LUSH | Heart Throb Review

This is another one of my favourites from the new lush valentines collection It firstly smells not only edible & incredible but it also does wonders to your skin, I personally think it smells a lot like the Pumpkin Bubble Bar they released at Halloween, one thing that I love is that you can twist the heart in half and pull it apart and you have enough for another bath, I love all the gold glitter it's filled with it reminds me of a macaroon but, in a really cute heart shape, what I thinks great about lush is when you use the bubble bars and they make amazing bubble you instantly don't want to wash it off like you do with other bubble bars from other shops, infact if you rub the bubbles on your skin you will get little sparkles from them. Lush are always full of surprises! You've just gotta love'em
all in all It's definitely worth a purchase if you like glittery red baths, I hope you're all not bored of all these Lush Hauls! hahaha I've got a load to get through! hahaha
You never know a giveaway might happen soon! ;)

What's your favourite new Lush product?


Monday, 12 January 2015

Lush Review | Cupid's Love Soap

As you can see from one of my most recent blog posts I recently visited Lush, because they have released the Lush Valentines Collection! and Cupid's Love Soap is one item out of this years collection and Lush very kindly gave me this to try out and I absolutely LOVE it, It smell completely like figs and raspberrie lemonade, I simply can't stop using this. It makes my skin feel really nice a soft and I feel really fresh after I have used this, I'm getting a slight obsession with lush's soaps I simply can't get enough of them! hahaha As soon as I have used this up I'm going to buy another one, I'm really impressed with this honestly it's my fave product out the new range.
you can click here to see some more of my favourite Lush Valentines products. 

What is your favourite Lush Valentines Product?


Sunday, 11 January 2015

Toni & Guy| Review

I love Toni & Guy and their products really work for me and have made a huge difference to my hair, I thought today I would pick out my two favourites from the variety that's available. 

1. I have been using this product lots, as sometimes I just feel like my hair needs a good old detox, It's the Toni & Guy Cleanse Shampoo for advanced detox I swear by this product. If you get shampoo and conditioner build up (or clogged up as I like to say) then this product is definitely one for you! I have had this problem and It has got rid of it, I haven't been able to find this a product in a while as I brought around summer last year, it does say on the bottle to use it ever so often as it's an advance detox, It leaves my hair feeling really refreshed and soft, I simply couldn't praise this product enough it does exactly what it says on the tin and is an absolute god send, what more can I say

2. The Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray is perfect for beach wavy hair, I have a large bottle of this but you don't really want to shove a big old bottle into your handbag, so I repurchased the mini one a couple of weeks back and have no stop been using it, it's perfect to add a bit of texture to your hair and add an overall messy kind of look, it's constantly one of them products that is always in my handbag and I can't stop using It's really texturising, I haven't found any other brand with the same quality as this product gives.

I've had really good experience with these and I'm truly impressed! Both of them products do exactly what it says on the bottle, my favourite one though has to be the sea salt spray, I love it because you can create beach waves and then put it up into a really nice high ponytail (I do this all the time) ect and many more cute hairstyles, and it's really easy if you are in a rush just to throw into your handbag and go.

Have you used any of Toni & Guys Range?



Saturday, 10 January 2015


I popped to Lush yesterday, after seeing on twitter/facebook that there valentines day collection, full of beautiful treats and delights is now finally available I was so excited! they all smell so good, I find that with lush you get the urge to want to eat their products because they smell edible. I've such a massive obsession with lush I think you all know how much I love it. So anyway, the ever so lovely Daisy showed me all the new products and explained each of them, what was in them ect we even discussed what all the smells remind us of or smell like, she is really lovely. I pretty much love all the stuff lush have brought out this year for valentines day! but I have picked a few of my favourites, which will be featured in upcoming blog posts! (lush also gave me some products to sample which was very very kind of them) so stick around, not only did I just get to look at all the beautiful products, daisy and the team demonstrated some of the new products (most of the staff hadn't even seen them in the water before until yesterday) which as you can see from the photos below! I would like to thank daisy and the lovely team at Lush for a fantastic time and service as always! I really hope you all enjoy this blog post and I will be going back to lush again very soon I'm sure.

This years collection features all these products:

The Unicorn Horn - £3.25

Price Charming Shower Gel - £4.75
Cupids Love Soap - £4.25 (price may vary depending on weight of product, but online you would pay £4.25)
Heart Throb Bubble Bar - £3.65
Lonely Heart Bubble Bar - £3.50
The Kiss Lip Gloss - £5.59
The Kiss Lip Scrub - £5.50
Floating Flower - £3.50
and Love Locket - £6.95 (this bath bomb is massive you really do get your moneys worth with this one, daisy said you could break pieces off and get a couple of baths out of this)

They also had some new special gift sets which I don't think are online just yet, so a massive sneak peek for all you lovely people! hahaha

As I said I love all of the products, but my favourites are The Unicorn Horn, it smells really sweet, but in a nice way and you could probably get about two baths out of this, however if you wanted a bit more of a luxury bath you could use the whole thing hahaha.

Now this I love probably as much as the Baked Alaska if not more hahaha it's the Cupids Love Soap* I really love this it smells like figs/ raspberry lemonade, it's really really fresh and feels really nice and moisturising to the skin. I especially love the fact that as you cut it open it has love hearts running through it, which makes it even more beautiful! 

Heart Throb when I first smelt this It instantly reminded me of the Pumpkin bubble bar they had a halloween, to me it personally smells exactly the same, I love how everything has either a pink or a red/white theme running through this years collection! hahaha

I'm sure you are all probably bored of me typing away now and just want to see all their amazing products, so here they are enjoy:


Photo Heavy.

SNEAK PEEK AT SOME OF THE GIFT BOXES (there are 7 new gift boxes)

(I love how lush have made the packaging look like the unicorn horn)

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek at some of the products :) 
What is your favourite Lush Valentine product?

also a massive thank you Daisy and the team


Monday, 5 January 2015

Soap And All The Glory

I LOVE Soap & Glory, all their products smell frickin' amazing and are completely worth the money.....last year I didn't buy any of their products in the boots sales and I'm slightly regretting it! so to drown my sorrows, I thought I would treat my skin to a few of my absolute faves! 

firstly I picked up this little beauty, I honestly don't know where to begin with this...I'm speechless it's that good. I used the same product in the body scrub form a couple of posts back, and completely forgot they had the body wash with the same scent. Well I kid you not this is probably one of the best shower gel/body washes out there, It smells like limes (lots of limes) and lemonade, it's really gentle on the skin and smells so good, I literally want to eat it hahaha I know it seems a little pricey at £6.50 but this stuff will go a long away and lasts for ages!

I then saw this and thought oooh I will give it a try just to see what it's like and if I like it, it's a Deep Moisture Body Milk! It's so soft on my skin and feels amazing! It's not really gloopy as you know I wouldn't buy a product that feels like that hahaha :) I love the packaging I think its gorgeous, It contains almonds, cocoa, yogurt, oats & honey (sounds good enough to eat). I personally think it smells like popcorn, It's just delicious

I brought only them two things as time wasn't on my side hahaha

what are your favourite Soap and Glory Products? 


Saturday, 3 January 2015

Topshop Haul!!!

To say I adore Topshop is an understatement, I always find that there beautiful petite range fits me perfect, being 5ft 1 it's difficult to find clothes that fit and look when I hit the Christmas sales on the 27th I decided that whilst I was in town I was going to go to Topshop and spend some of my christmas moolah! 
it was the one shop that was packed hahaha!

I bought this gorgeous coat/parka, I have been wanting to buy this particular one since probably their 2013 autumn/winter collection! so when my eyes saw it they lit up hahaha it was £50 and it's so fluffy and cosy, I just love it. It's furlined all the way down and It can be taken off, so in the summer evenings you can wear it as a cool parka jacket, it's perfect for all weathers and I think it would look perfect with the next thing I brought......

(please note the dress looks acid wash in this photo, but it isn't it's the way the lighting is in my bathroom hahaha)

When I saw this online I loved it and when I went in store I loved it even more, it's this pretty, little, floaty smock dress with lace insert. I think it's so cute and would look perfect with my new coat and my nice chelsea boots, and a good old pair of nice thick tights. I love it and what I really like is the lace insert I just think it's so beautiful! and you could dress it up or dress it down.
It was £26


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