Thursday, 18 December 2014

The Comforter

I bought this as you know almost two weeks ago, so for me to be saving a lush product is extremely you all know I'm mad about all their amazing products, which I think you are all aware of now! hahaha. I have been wanting to try this product for ages and I was chuffed to pieces to get one the other day (you can read about that here), It smells like ribena which It has had to grow on me, my mum said it smelt like refreshers which I can see where she is coming from, it's very sweet but not too sweet + fruity. It turned my bath water a gorgeous pinky colour and I think it's probably one of most pretty bubble bars I have ever seen! 
I think it's worth the £4.75 as you can break it into chunks as it's a bubble bar.....I reckon you could probably get about 7-8 baths out of this and the colour would still be pretty strong. You really do get your moolahs worth with Lush and that's why I love them! not just because they make amazing bath bombs ect that make you feel like you are in heaven, but they also don't have any chemicals like most bath products.

You can buy the Lush Comforter bar HERE!!! ;) 

I hope you liked this, and that I'm not boring you to death all about lush products, you just gotta love lush! hahaha

What are your favourite lush products?



  1. This is one of my favourite Lush products too! I love how cost effective it turns out, and it smells amazing as well!

    Emma xo // Wallflower Wardrobe

    1. You really do get your moneys worth with lush! hahaha

      Jess xx


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