Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Made In Chelsea

I've been after some good Chelsea boots for a long time now, and after eyeing these up for a while, my mum surprised me today and brought them for me for christmas, I know it's early but my mum let me off hahaha :) I LOVE them so much, honestly these are so comfy I was a little worried at the size of the heel because I'm always seen in flats, but these boots give me the perfect lift for someone who is 5ft 1.

These beauties are from H&M and were only £24.99, which I thinks its a fantastic price for a really lovely, comfy and sturdy pair of boots. I'm so impressed with them! Honestly if I didn't know that these were from H&M I would probably of guessed Topshop or OFFICE they are that good, they're FANTASTICALLY good quality for the price. Because of these boots have a nice chunky platform the very comfortable to wear you could probably get away with wearing them all day, I would pair these with a really cute playsuit in the summer and these will go great with a super cosy parka in the winter! 
They are available here:

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  1. I love my black chelsea boots - mine are from Topshop a few years ago and they're still growing strong I'm 5ft11 and used to be a flats girl but more and more I'm wearing a small heel so I'm a total giant! Lucy, www.aspectatorsport.com xx

    1. aw, these are seriously comfy and I love them! thank you for your lovely comment! and for answering heels or flats question! :) Jess xx


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