Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Charity Pot

I was out shopping on Sunday with my lovely friend Molly, & we both decided to have a little wander to into lush, I don't think Molly realised how much I loved lush until I started runwalking to get there hahaha. So after looking around, we picked our items, in my basket was obviously a few bath bombs, The comforter which the scent still has to grow on me (will do a review on this in another post), after spending some moolah I went to the till to pay and the very kind & polite Hannah, said to me do you want to buy one of our charity pots? so I said oh go on then, It cost me £1.00 and I wasn't sure if I was going to love it or not but, I really do I wasn't too keen on the smell at first but after you've used it you can hardly notice it, I find it really hard not to like a lush product, I think it smells of mint choc chip. It's not greasy at all and you know how fussy I am about greasy products, it made my skin feel super soft and hydrated it, all in all I'm pretty impressed with this product and the bonus is that, that £1.00 I paid ALL went to charity! that's what I love about lush they are all about the giving.

Thank you lush for your truly amazing products!

What are your favourite lush items?




  1. i love this! i think the size of this is so handy! i love lush!!

    1. aww thank you! it's perfect just to slip into your handbag and all in all it's 100% one of my fave lush products!


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