Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Goodbye 2014

It's the last day of the year and what a year it has, I created this little page on the interweb attended my first ever blogger event & met some lovely people along the way.
all in all it has been a not so bad year, & I thought seem as it's the last year and this is trending on twitter
#NYE2015 I thought lets do a blog post about the things I want to do in 2015:

so here goes....

1. Go somewhere new

2. Visit London
3. Upgrade my camera
4. Have More Confidence and feel less Anxious
5. Eat more healthier (I say this every year)
6. Travel More

What do you want to do?

p.s. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! don't get to drunk ;)


Tuesday, 30 December 2014


When I saw that lush had a 50% off sale I was so happy, so I went in and brought some lush goodies, and I thought I would do a mini haul for you all! 

So let's kick start off by saying that on the christmas products there was 50% off, I was waiting and waiting for the lush sale as I simply love lush as you all know. When I attended a blogger meet up I so wanted to buy the Baked Alaska Soap as it smells so amazing, personally I think it smells like cloudy lemonade my piece was priced at £5.53.

I then brought another personal favourite of mine which is the Golden Wonder Bath Bomb 
this smells so good and fresh, personally I feel like it's quite a strong smell at first until you put it into the bath and it smells like lavender. I love it! it was priced at £3.75.

and to finish my nice little haul off I brought So White, this smells completely like apples and I saw this being demonstrated at the blogger meet up! there is a surprise inside which I'm not going to spoil for you guys if you have got it, you'll just have to wait and see! hahaha
It was priced at £3.50.
altogether it should have been £12.78 but instead it was £6.38 because of the 50% off offer, So I have come away from lush a pretty happy bunny with my new products! roll on the next lush sale! hahaha

Did/Have you got anything in the lush sale?



Saturday, 27 December 2014


A few months ago I posted a blog post called "5 days, 5 Fragrances" and one of my favourite fragrances as mentioned was Alien by Thierry Mugler! I frickin love this and when I saw that there was a lovely gift set in Boots for christmas which was the alien one (they had two the other was angel), I adore this and it smells amazzzing I love it! it's sweet and woody (oaky scent) and is to die for! I got it in the sale and it cost £37.12 which is pretty good, as the perfume on its own costs £47.50 (boots). However with the gift set you really get the extras that come with it for free, the extras are:

Radiant Body Lotion 100ml

Shower Gel 30ml

Body Cream 15ml

They all have the same scent as the perfume & honestly they smell divine, It's not a strong overpowering scent it's nice but not too strong just right! that's why I love it.
I've had so many compliments when I've been out, whenever I'm in town I will nip into boots and have a quick squirt and the scent lasts all day it's that good!
so all in all for the price it's definitely worth it. I couldn't recommend it enough.



Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Made In Chelsea

I've been after some good Chelsea boots for a long time now, and after eyeing these up for a while, my mum surprised me today and brought them for me for christmas, I know it's early but my mum let me off hahaha :) I LOVE them so much, honestly these are so comfy I was a little worried at the size of the heel because I'm always seen in flats, but these boots give me the perfect lift for someone who is 5ft 1.

These beauties are from H&M and were only £24.99, which I thinks its a fantastic price for a really lovely, comfy and sturdy pair of boots. I'm so impressed with them! Honestly if I didn't know that these were from H&M I would probably of guessed Topshop or OFFICE they are that good, they're FANTASTICALLY good quality for the price. Because of these boots have a nice chunky platform the very comfortable to wear you could probably get away with wearing them all day, I would pair these with a really cute playsuit in the summer and these will go great with a super cosy parka in the winter! 
They are available here:

Similar                                                     Exact



Thursday, 18 December 2014

The Comforter

I bought this as you know almost two weeks ago, so for me to be saving a lush product is extremely you all know I'm mad about all their amazing products, which I think you are all aware of now! hahaha. I have been wanting to try this product for ages and I was chuffed to pieces to get one the other day (you can read about that here), It smells like ribena which It has had to grow on me, my mum said it smelt like refreshers which I can see where she is coming from, it's very sweet but not too sweet + fruity. It turned my bath water a gorgeous pinky colour and I think it's probably one of most pretty bubble bars I have ever seen! 
I think it's worth the £4.75 as you can break it into chunks as it's a bubble bar.....I reckon you could probably get about 7-8 baths out of this and the colour would still be pretty strong. You really do get your moolahs worth with Lush and that's why I love them! not just because they make amazing bath bombs ect that make you feel like you are in heaven, but they also don't have any chemicals like most bath products.

You can buy the Lush Comforter bar HERE!!! ;) 

I hope you liked this, and that I'm not boring you to death all about lush products, you just gotta love lush! hahaha

What are your favourite lush products?


Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Charity Pot

I was out shopping on Sunday with my lovely friend Molly, & we both decided to have a little wander to into lush, I don't think Molly realised how much I loved lush until I started runwalking to get there hahaha. So after looking around, we picked our items, in my basket was obviously a few bath bombs, The comforter which the scent still has to grow on me (will do a review on this in another post), after spending some moolah I went to the till to pay and the very kind & polite Hannah, said to me do you want to buy one of our charity pots? so I said oh go on then, It cost me £1.00 and I wasn't sure if I was going to love it or not but, I really do I wasn't too keen on the smell at first but after you've used it you can hardly notice it, I find it really hard not to like a lush product, I think it smells of mint choc chip. It's not greasy at all and you know how fussy I am about greasy products, it made my skin feel super soft and hydrated it, all in all I'm pretty impressed with this product and the bonus is that, that £1.00 I paid ALL went to charity! that's what I love about lush they are all about the giving.

Thank you lush for your truly amazing products!

What are your favourite lush items?



Friday, 5 December 2014

Review: Lush Christmas - Luxury Lush Pud + extras

(photo taken from

I recently decided to get myself into the festive spirit even more and I thought I would use my Lush Luxury Pud bath bomb finally & it was amazing surprise surprise! It smelt like lavender to me and changed my bath water into so many beautiful pretty colours there was pinks blues purples ect and once it had all fizzed out it turned my bath water into this beautiful pink colour! Not only did I use that but I also used the Sugar Scrub body scrub*, pink fun (from my giftset) and snow fairy! I was seriously impressed with their Sugar Scrub Body Scrub it left my skin feeling super soft and wasn't harsh on my very dry skin I will be me definitely getting this the next time I'm in Lush, It lasted another 3 washes after using it once so it does go along way, I used the Pink Fun, which I personally wouldn't re-purchase as I think it's aimed at young kids, but it did make bubbles as I crumbled it under running water, I have already reviewed snow fairy so you can have a read of that here! ;) all in all I was very impressed with these products apart from the Pink Fun and will be getting the others again very soon.

What lush products are your favourite?


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