Monday, 17 November 2014

Blogger Meet Up

So yesterday I went to my first ever blogger meet up!
and I loved every second of it, I met some lovely bloggers.
We first went to lush and they gave us a 'tour' as I called it, featuring some of there christmas products! and guess what *pauses for drum roll* I even have a special preview of some NEW PRODUCTS that will be coming out NEXT WEEK!!!!! so a sneak peek for you all! I will be doing a massive lush haul post to show you all the things I brought and were given!

 (this is called baked alaska and It smells so amazing it smelt like lemonade)

 (this smelt completely like christmas (cinnamon and apple along with other spices) and when I next go back there I will 100% be buying another one!)


These are the new shampoo bars that are coming out next week! starting from the top left you have:
Jason and Argan Oil, I really loved this one and it smells of the rose jam which is fab I loved the rose jam as much as the snow fairy, however snowfairy did have the edge.

moving on to brazilliant I personally wasn't to keen on the smell I felt it to be a little to strong
Lullaby, I loved and will buy when I'm next in lush
Copperhead, now this one I didn't really like as I felt it smelt quite strong of coffee and I personally wouldn't buy it.
I loved the Montalband and Honey I washed my hair,
the montalband one smelt of lemons and was very strong which I loved!
and the Honey I washed My hair was a mix between honey and coconut, it was nice but wasn't as powerful as the others!

I think for what you get with these they are worth the
£5.75 as the bars (which can I just say/type I love the fact that lush have created them to look like mini macaroons) as you can break little pieces of at time.

Everything from lush smells amazing some of them I wasn't to sure about but I'm not kidding you when I say I could literally live in there! 
We then after being in my favourite shop for over an hour (it was heaven to me) we then went for some lovely afternoon tea (I know how yum does the food look) at Rock, Paper, Scissors (love the name).
There was Ham sandwiches, egg mayo sandwiches, cheese and tomato and my favourite part the beautiful cakes!  

This is a very quick blog post as I have so much to do and blog about! (#LifeOfABlogger) but before I go I would just like to say a massive THANK YOU!!!!! to aimee who organized the brilliant event! I had such an amazing time and I hope we can do another blogger event again soon! 

Links to the bloggers at the event:


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