Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Instax Mini 8

I thought I would do a lifestyle post today, as I haven't (I think) and I know a lot of people who are after getting one of these bad boys for x-mas. I got one for my birthday in march, and have non-stop used it I'm surprised it's still working the amount of times I have taken pics.

I grew up with my mum always using her instant camera, and always asked her "can I use it mum?" I have always loved taking photographs from a very young age it seems, so when I saw the Instax Mini 8 Cameras I got super excited (I was like a kid in a sweet shop) I went to tesco and bought the white one. I did want the blue one but that one is the most popular and was sadly sold out, but I secretly prefer the white (classic colour).
It cost me £70 but include 40 shots (which as you can imagine, as a keen photographer these went down pretty quickly).

If you haven't got a clue want an Instax Mini is, it's basically a polaroid-style camera that produces as you've guessed it instant pictures that develop right in front of your very eyes, it only takes a few minutes for them to develop and they are totally worth it! ?There are 10 shots in each film, after you have used the film you have to buy refills for them, they can be a little bit costly at £10 per film but you get different prints on each film like the background, I love using the pandora film I think its so pretty and the dalmatian one! you can however usually get on pack with 20 'shots' in and it's around £13-£14 - not cheap I know but they are completely worth it. you can pop them in mini photo frames, use them as bookmarks pretty much anything but do keep them out of direct sunlight this includes when the photo is developing.

The camera is so easy to use; you just pop in the batteries (if you buy the bundle from tesco they come with them) and then place the film cartridge inside, that's it, after you have closed the back don't clip it back open as once you have you might waist any film that is left in there, there is a mini countdown thing that shows you how many shots you have got left. I don't really touch the settings on it, unless I'm outside and using it! I just click out the lens to turn it on, point and shoot and there you go, it's done. The quality is very good for everyday snaps - the Instax mini is there to take snapshots of the memories that you create rather than create something perfect, you can end up with some cool results but that's what makes it fun you never quite know what you're going to get or end up with. The camera has a built in flash and the pictures come out quite sharp and clear.

I need to get some more film as it has been a good few months since I last used it. I personally think it's perfect for anything and everything like when you have a house party, christmas, birthdays, weddings ect. The list is endless! I love shoving it in my bag in the summer and take it pretty much everywhere with me! I love it that much. I have a whole box full of the photos and I just love looking at the ones that my mum took when I was a kid and the ones I have taken it just makes me so happy and each one is something that holds a memory that I will cherish forever. The Instax mini is quite small and the films are quite small, but if you want the photos a little bit bigger I would strongly recommend you buy this Instax, you use the wide film, so you can take bigger photos! they are pretty cool if you want a bigger result and fantastic for parties my friend has one of them.

I love this so much, and have used it non-stop like I said earlier, since march it's well worth the money. It's light enough to take around with you on a daily basis if you wanted to! They are not too pricey that they put you off not wanting to buy one, once upon a time physical photos where to be unheard of, and that's what I love about the Instax mini it brings that memory to life and you can look at it again and again.

I highly recommend buying an Instax camera for christmas, or even hint that you would absolutely love one!
Trust me you definitely won't regret buy it!

What do you think of the Instax Mini Cameras?




  1. Love this post, I've had my eye on this camera for a while but you've convinced me to pop it on my Christmas list now! The majority of photos I own are all digital, I miss having physical copies so this is a great solution to that (and I love the pastel colours it comes in!)

    Frankie x

  2. I'm getting that camera for Christmas my mum is wrapping it up as I type this.

  3. @TotallyChic I promise you, you will love it! They're such great fun and ideal!


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