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15 Festive Favourites |Tag ⛄

Hello everyone, long time no blogging (lets change that starting from now). Now that halloween and bonfire night are out the way, and it's november I'm now officially starting to count down to christmas! (it feels good to type that and read it in my head as weird as that sounds hahaha) I know it may seem a little early for some of you but this is as late as I can possibly leave it, as I can't contain my excitement anymore (not going to lie I have been ready and waiting for this since september) christmas trees are up in the shops and the john lewis advert (which never fails to make everyone feel festive) is officially up so if they can do that I can start my christmas excitement too! hahaha so in honor of that I thought I would start the fifteen festive favourites tag! 

so I hope you enjoy it!

1. What is your favourite christmas song?
wellll I have a few :p okay my top x-mas song has to be by Sir Paul McCartney - Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time (not going to lie I have had this song on repeat for about 3 hours including whilst typing this blog post! I frickin love it!)

2. Favourite christmas advert?
Oohhh difficult one it has to be either the John Lewis one (#MontyThePenguin) or the Coca Cola one. 

3. Best christmas present you have ever received when you were a kid?
One present that I remember opening which I was super happy about was probably my doll Roxy or Roxyanne I can't remember her name but it is really special to me as my lovely nan and granddad spent the WHOLE day on nearly every bus known to mankind just to get me and my sister these dolls we had been talking about non-stop, infact the other day me and my family found a dvd with a christmas on and it's me and my sister opening our dolls chatting to my grandad who has recorded nearly ever christmas since we were little it's really special to me and something I will NEVER forget, in fact nan and gramps if you are reading this THANK YOU for the doll which I still have after all these years! hahaha. as a kid it was the best christmas present ever!

4. At christmas which christmas drink are you most likely to have?
erm....HOT CHOCOLATE!!! I'm a complete chocoholic!
I do like a Costa and a Starbucks occasionally at this time of the year, my x-mas order would be
Costa- brownie hot-chocolate
Starbucks- pumpkin spice latte (it just smells of christmas)

5.  Chocolate for breakfast on x-mas day?
*giggles in shame* as bad and unhealthy as it is for you....yes *shamefully smirks*

6. Festive food?
I have far to many one treat I do like has to be....brandy cream with yule log! just love it

7. Christmas traditions?
Yep really festive pair of pyjamas in-fact here are this years ones I have only managed to find the bottoms/leggings (I really love the legging type pyjamas) so I need to find a top preferably red to go with it! #Help

8. christmas present?
I have to say I do like a good old pair of pyjamas (in-fact if I don't need to go out anywhere or I know no-one is coming round to my house I will wear my pyjama bottoms with my day top/hoodie ect).

9. christmas cracker toy?
not sure I did once get a nail varnish (it was purple very festive)

10. Favourite Christmas decoration?
I have got a little gingerbread-man that I got once when I was like 5 or 6 and have still got it, it goes on my tree every year!

11. Favourite festive candle scent?
Good old cinnamon and apple you just can't beat it! 

12. Favourite place to spend christmas?
With the family of course.

13. one thing that is always left on your plate after you have had your x-mas dinner/lunch?
sprouts they are yuck!! 

14. Mince Pies or Apple Pies? (my sister question)
apple pies, I bloody HATE mince pies YUCK!

and last but not least, the final most important question.....

15. Christmas film?
The Greatest Store In The World or ELF can't decide love'em both equally! I always watch ELF on christmas eve after The Greatest Store In The World.



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  1. Aww thanks for the tag lovely. Looking forward to doing this. PS love those PJs!!xx


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