Sunday, 10 August 2014

A Few Of My Favourite Things.......

When the dog bites,when the bee stings, When I'm feeling sad I simply remember a few of my favourite things and then i don't feel so bad.....*stops singing*

Helllooo peeps of the internet! I thought I would tell you a few of my favourite things:

1. - I have just started a massive photo wall art project and they have an offer that if you sign up then you get your first 60 prints free! its a great website and the photos come out in great quality so you do get your moolahs worth (you only pay £2.99 for P&P)

2. Back To The Future - It is one of my favourite films (Titanic 1997 is my NO.1) of all time! its just a great trilogy that I have grown up watching and have loved it ever since I was little *going of track a little bit the first time I watched titanic I did cry at the end when jack dies, sad I know but its true hahaha*.

                                         (Photo's taken from

3. My favourite cereal at the moment is Quaker Oats Granola Cereal, I could litreally eat this stuff all day if I could! I love it, I also like Lucky Charms (bad I know but yummy).

(Photo taken from

4. Satchels - I know most people refer to these as their childhood school bag, but I don't know what it is but I just think they are really cute and whenever I go into a shop like Zara or Topshop they draw my attention straight away, here is a pic of one of my favourite satchels......... I know it looks a tad old fashioned but it really brightens up a summer outfit and will look awesome with a nice parka in the winter, I payed £20.00 for this satchel from Topshop it has beautiful rose gold buckles, and I frickin' love rose gold.

5. Instant Camera's - My Instax mini 8 is one of my most favourite things because I grew up having my family members take lots of photos on the really old polaroid cameras and I used to always ask my mum "can I use it please?", so years later I now have my own one

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